****Updated 7/9/20

COVID-19 Pandemic Plan

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many aspects of travel have changed.  Most of the adjustments are fluid and can change over short periods.  Please note that many of our hotels that typically serve buffet breakfasts have moved to a pre-packaged “grab and go” style until the outbreak is over in an abundance of caution.  Also note that we may have to adjust timing on itineraries to fit into admission limits as many attractions/museums have lowered their capacity at one time to allow for social distancing.  We will try to make you aware of these things prior to your departure for our area.

These and other things may have changed, but you can expect the same great Southern Hospitality you have always received when you visit Tennessee!


What we will do – Step-On Tour Guides, Hosts & Hostesses for Tennessee Express Tours

As a precaution at this time, we are providing our Tour Guides, Hosts and Hostesses with facemasks, hand sanitizer, and a package of sanitizing wipes.  Prior to departing from home, our guides will take their temperature to assure they are not running a fever of 100 degrees or more, and they will also be otherwise symptom free.  Our guides should wear their masks when in close proximity to you and your guests, will wash their hands and use hand sanitizer as needed, and can use wipes on the microphone and other touch surfaces they will come in contact with.  While giving a tour, the guide may choose to leave their mask on or take it off if they and you feel the conditions are safe.  For a safer sightseeing tour experience WE WILL REQUIRE that one side of the front row on the coach be reserved for our step-on guide to give the tour.  The side closest to the microphone is best.  Please do not have anyone else sitting beside the step-on guide if possible.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate the pandemic.  No one can guarantee complete safety during this time, but we will do our part to use best practices for our employees and your guests.  If you have questions or comments, please direct them to Bill Oliver at 1-865-774-6574 or by email at bill@tnexpresstours.com