Who or what is TNET?  What in the heck is a RECEPTIVE COMPANY?

Tennessee Express Tours is a RECEPTIVE tour company based in Tennessee that takes care of groups visiting our wonderful and amazing state.

Our primary office is now located in East Tennessee, but we have staff in Nashville, and guides in Memphis, Chattanooga, and our favorite cousin to the East – Asheville, North Carolina.

A RECEPTIVE company takes care of groups coming into their area of expertise, or RECEIVING the group into their area.  Kind of a reverse travel agent.  Is the DreamMore Resort in Pigeon Forge a great place for your group?  What about the Jurassic boat ride?  Well one is fantastic and owned by the Dollywood company, and lets just say the other one isn’t.  Well a good receptive can make sure you do the best things for your group.

Out of our main office, we:

  • Create custom package for groups wanting to visit Tennessee
  • Give exceptional service and rates for those packages
  • Make all of the reservations and handle the deposits and payments
  • Detailed itineraries and countless needed forms prior to arrival
  • Provide exceptional local guides to care for the group while visiting

We are a second generation company with more than 40 years of caring for groups in Tennessee.  Contact us and let us show you how we can make your next trip to Tennessee the best one ever!